Arithmetic Formatter Feedback

Hi there :blush: I am a final year student and I have just completed my first project in the language which I love i.e python. Would love to hear the feedback and learn from that.

The feedback given by you would definitely help me out.

The below is the link to my code :

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Now, I am a new programmer but I think commenting your code would be the right thing to do here. You may think that it’s your code and it’s obvious for you to understand it. But if you don’t make it your habit to comment your code then it will cost you when you look at your code after years. And if you have to share it with someone else then you have to comment it for them to understand it.

Yes sure that was a mistake I will do it share again😊. Basically as I am a student I don’t know the importance of it but I can understand from your message