Arithmetic_Formatter: Understanding Replit Error Messages

Unfortunately, even after reading through other questions in forum relating to Arithmetic_Formatter, I do not understand Replit’s Error messages.

My code seems to work for all conditions when i test it, but it fails every Replit test. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, including critisicm on style…

The biggest issue that trips people up is putting extra spaces at the end of each line.

-   1         1
+   1         1    
?              ++++

Here are some excess spaces at the end.

The other thing, you are supposed to return the error message, not print it.

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thank you very much.

How did you figure the problem in the text box you posted though? I am assuming you pulled it from “test_template[test_two_problems_arrangement2” , but is this something is easily seen by just looking at Replit test console or were you explicitly looking for it? I had seen your replies to other questions on the forum, but couldn’t figure out how to tell.
I just copied the three lines you pointed out, and pasted it in Visual Studio, but that seems like the only way I can see there are 4 spaces at the end of the bottom line.
Thanks, and sorry if my questions aren’t the best.

Sorry I don’t understand the question.
I went to your replit, ran the code, copy-pasted some lines from the error message into a code-block in the forum and removed the leadin “E ” as the forum then auto-colors the error-messages as you see.

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