Arranging operations alphabetically in Swashbuckle Swagger

Swashbuckle seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebAPI projects. However, the operations on the page do not appear in alphabetical order.

Although the operations will not appear in alphabetical order, Swashbuckle allows custom filters and with a little coding, the order can be shown in alphabetical order.

Code Example

The code below creates a DocumentFilter which is then applied to the final document as outlined here.

using Swashbuckle.Swagger;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;

namespace YourNamespace.Swagger.Extensions
    public class CustomDocumentFilter : IDocumentFilter
        public void Apply(SwaggerDocument swaggerDoc, SchemaRegistry schemaRegistry, System.Web.Http.Description.IApiExplorer apiExplorer)
            //make operations alphabetic
            var paths = swaggerDoc.paths.OrderBy(e => e.Key).ToList();
            swaggerDoc.paths = paths.ToDictionary(e => e.Key, e => e.Value);

            //controller comments do not get added to swagger docs. This is how to add them.
            AddControllerDescriptions(swaggerDoc, apiExplorer);


        private static void AddControllerDescriptions(SwaggerDocument swaggerDoc, System.Web.Http.Description.IApiExplorer apiExplorer)
            var doc = new YourPortal.Areas.HelpPage.XmlDocumentationProvider(GetXmlCommentsPath());

            List<Tag> lst = new List<Tag>();
            var desc = apiExplorer.ApiDescriptions;
            ILookup<HttpControllerDescriptor, ApiDescription> apiGroups = desc.ToLookup(api => api.ActionDescriptor.ControllerDescriptor);
            foreach (var apiGroup in apiGroups)
                string tagName = apiGroup.Key.ControllerName;
                var tag = new Tag { name = tagName };
                var apiDoc = doc.GetDocumentation(apiGroup.Key);
                if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(apiDoc))
                    tag.description = apiDoc;

            if (lst.Count() > 0)
                swaggerDoc.tags = lst.ToList();
        private static string GetXmlCommentsPath()
            return System.Web.Hosting.HostingEnvironment.MapPath("~/App_Data/YourPortal.xml");

Now you can simply add it to the config file like this

.EnableSwagger(c =>