Array[2] returns value, but array[3] returns [[[OBJECT]]]. Why is this?

Why does console.log(myNestedArray[2]) return the value, but console.log(myNestedArray[3]) return [[[ Object ]]]?

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let myNestedArray = [
// Only change code below this line
['unshift', false, 1, 2, 3, 'complex', 'nested'],
  [['deep', 'shift', 6, 7, 1000, 'method']],
    [[['deeper', false, true, 'spread', 'array']]],
      [[[['deepest', 1327.98, 'splice', 'slice', 'push']]]]     
// ['iterate', 1.3849, 7, '8.4876', 'arbitrary', 'depth']
// Only change code above this line


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Challenge: Create complex multi-dimensional arrays

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It’s really going to depend on the flavor of JS and the dev tools being used. A decision has to be made about how much to show. If it is too much, it will “short hand” it. Just saying, “OK, it’s of type Object, but it is too big to show here.”

If you must see it, you can convert it to a string with:


or to format it:

console.log(JSON.stringify(myNestedArray[3], null, 2))
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This is a fantastic answer. Thank you so much for the help

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