Array with text returns true

I’m working in a little game and when accesing an array with text, it’s return me true. The array content is the same to its previous value and when I try to acces it it return the text

I can`t upload all the code but here is the array

export const universityEvents = [
    id: 'universityEntry',
    position: 0, //to localice the event
    currentDialog: 0,
        currentPhrase: 0,
        content: [
          ['Jesús', `Even with the pandemic, the hard teachers,the incredible stress, the brutal anxiety`],
          ['Jesús',`The two hours in bus that took to get here, the high cost of the fees`],
          ['Jesús', `Some unpleasant colleagues, and the bureaucracy...`],
          ['Jesús', `My college years were some of the best of my life`],
        currentPhrase: 0,
        content: [
          ['Jesús', `But it's time to look forward, now I have two degrees and i have to get a job`]

And here the code in what I’m accesing (event data is a copy of universityEvents):

 //get content
    let numberofPhrase = eventData[dataPosition].content[currentDialog].currentPhrase
    actualPhrase = eventData[dataPosition].content[currentDialog].content[0]

I tried to acces with [0], [1],[2] and in all the cases with 0 and 2 display the text but in one returns true. It’s something about the content that i dont know? why this happens

Edit: I’ve create a repository for the code, the array its in data/universityEvents, the scene with the code its scenes/university scene: GitHub repository

Sure you can. You can put in up on GitHub.

Access what?

Also, unable to run code as dataPosition, currentDialog are undefined.

yep, current dialog its a global variable that updates in another method, I’m uploading the project to github, will edit when its done


after a lot of debugging I found that the error was in another method when in order to update the current phrase I used =! instead !=, a typing error that I don’t know why causes that true result but now its working. Close the post, lots of thanks!