Asking for Feedback for my Tribute Page - Linus Torvalds

Hello, co-Campers! I am a noob and I just finished my Tribute Page. I would love to ask for your precious time to take a look at it and perhaps provide me some feedback? I would highly appreciate it.

Here is the link of my page:

Thank you and Happy Coding!

A very good project.
You really look strong on the design point and i love the feel of the page.
It is responsive as well.
Good Work.

Looks really good. Simple, elegant and feels good on the eyes. The responsiveness of the page is also on point.
This is one of the best tribute pages I’ve seen on here. Keep it up.

Greetings, the truth is that it looks pretty good and the responsive works correctly. Congratulations!

A really awesome tribute page.

I like the way you split the details into two columns which are perfectly responsive. Your use of fonts is on point, which is something i need to work on on my tribute page.

Any pointers you might have, would be much appreciated.

A very beautiful piece.