AssertionError: Value Error not raised by calculator

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I’m getting the error value error not raised I have tested all the test values from the test file manually and they work completely fine but when I run it in the boilerplate project it gives the value error plz have a look at my code and help a brother out.

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Challenge: Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

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Welcome to the forums @ak_alam.

Your code for the exception

  except ValueError:
    print('List must contain nine numbers.')

catches a ValueError. You need to check for 9 input values and raise a ValueError with the given message if there are not 9 values to pass that test.

Good luck.

Hi there jeremy I have tried many steps which involve doing if statements and putting try-except but this error still not resolve can you plz explain it

The specification says:

If a list containing less than 9 elements is passed into the function, it should raise a ValueError exception with the message: “List must contain nine numbers.”

So, you need to determine if the input contains 9 numbers, and if not, raise the exception as described in the specification. You can’t use try/except as they are for catching and handling exceptions.