Assigning the value

1, b should have a value of 7
2, a should be assigned to b with=
Who can expansiate it

What is your code so far?

var b= 7;
7 = a.

Don’t know if it’s right

Which side of the = you place things matters.

You can put a number on the left. On the left goes the variable you want to update. On the right goes the value you want to use.

Can you provide a link to the challenge you are working on?

I can’t get the link to the question am solving
But the question is assigning the value to another one.

I will find the link for you then.

Edit: are you doing this challenge

Yes, am doing it, am stuck
I just can’t move to the next topic because am not getting it correctly.
I try all means to my understanding still am not get it.

How did u get the link.

I copied it from the address bar:

You should not directly set a = 7. You should set the contents of a to be equal to the contents of b no matter what the contents of b are.

Let me try it with your reply and get back to you.