Assignment with Returned Value

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// Example
var changed = 0;

function change(num) {
  return (num + 5) / 3;

changed = change(10);

// Setup
var processed = 0;

function processArg(num) {
  return (num + 3) / 5;

// Only change code below this line

processArg = 2;
processed = processArg(num);

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Be careful when assigning values ( = );

Let’s read your program step by step:


This works, and log into console 2 since it calls the function passing 7 as value.

In the next line however

processArg = 2;

You are telling your program that now processArg is not a function anymore, is now the number 2.

processed = processArg(num);

In the final line you are trying to use processArg as a function, but it won’t work since now it’s the number 2, as you instructed your program in the line above.

Hope this help shed some light :smile: