Assistance Requested for 2nd Basic Front End Assignment

Hello Everyone!

I am brand new to this coding business and am in need of assistance. I’ve only been coding for two weeks now, and I am currently working on the 2nd basic front-end development project where I design a portfolio. However, I am stuck trying to figure out why the two separate Divisions I have created have a line of white space between them from the . I am talking about my division for the About section and the Portfolio section. I have tried looking for more information online but this has stumped me. If anyone can explain this to me it would be a great help:

It’s adding a margin to the bottom of the About section. Just add margin-bottom: 0; in the #About id CSS.


Thank you for that Aldek! I actually didn’t even notice that, but what I was actually wondering is how to remove the gap between my About Jumbotron div and my Portfolio Jumbotron div.


  margin-bottom: 0;

Perfect! Thanks - I kept trying:

.jumbotron {

Such a beginner didn’t even think of just adding bottom :wink:

you’re welcome! glad it’s working. :grinning:

Sorry, I misunderstood! I’m glad you solved it.