Async JS if statements

I want to create a line of code, so that if there is no universities/result with the name it search, it runs a code setting an alert

Any idea? I can’t make it work for some reason

if( == undefined ){
       alert( ' Alert ' ); 

Debería funcionar, no?

No, I guess it must be the way the API works as it returns an empty array when it doesn’t detect

That value is not equivalent to false? Or you could check the length property, if it returns 0 it is because it is an empty array

What about:

if (array.length === 0) {

Thank you for this, but it doesn’t work, I feel like the API doesn’t really spit back anything now that I rechecked, it’s weird but it’s how it is funnily enough

if array is empty the loop doesn’t run, Where are you putting the code for alert?

So there’s a loop I created that creates and attach elements to the div to show the stuff I get from API, so I add a logic that goes

‘If the search get backs nothing, please alert()’

But I can’t really implement it

This is what I get when I search for something that don’t exist within the API

and can you show the code that you have written for that?

Sorry I actually got the code running already, when you talked about the loop I realized, I misplaced the position of the code within the loop, and so when I use Kevin Smith’s code, it’s right, but it’s in the wrong place.

Thank you again for the help

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