"At this screen size stop scaling up"

I’m liking vw and vh sizing a lot since they scale precisely with the viewport, but at very large screen sizes they get too big.

If I insert a media query at say width: >860px, is there any way to write a CSS rule that says “retain the current size without scaling further?”

If not the alternative i see is to use something to figure the font size of all text elements, and set max-widths manually on everything.

There isn’t a better way to do that. You must give the max-width inside a media-query like you’ve said.

What I like to do is to increase the size of the browser to a point I think it is the maximum I’d like. Then you open chrome developer tools, find your element and check its font-size in the computed tab (it gives you the font-size in pixels), that way you know exactly what the maximum font-size you should use and at what media-query you should use it since chrome developer tools also shows you what is the current width of the page.

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