Audio and data relations

An audio signal is displayed 8000 times per second. Each sample is represented by 256 different levels. How many bits per second are needed to represent this signal?

Possible solution

If you have 8000 in binary it would be 1111101000000 but as it is represented in 256 different levels. So, I thought of creating a byte for each digit of 8000. So it would be 8 [00000100] 0 [00000000] 0 [00000000] 0 [00000000] and added everything would be 00000100000000000000000000000000 in binary system.

You can definitely represent 256 different levels with eight bits but I’m not sure I’m following your logic regarding 8000? Perhaps because I am not an audio expert.

How does an audio signal relate to a sample? You said that an “audio signal is displayed 8000 times per second.” I don’t know what “displayed” means in this context. Is each of these 8000 times a sample?

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