Auto add target="_blank" to all posted links

Hi there,

I would find very useful for the forum if any link provided by the users in their posts will have the target="_blank" auto added so the links open in new windows.

Sure, you can explicitly and manually do that yourself but instead of one click i’m forced to make two clicks :smile:

Happy coding

When I paste in a link to a forum post and click on it, it does open in a new window.

Can you share a link to an existing forum post which does not do this? I have never seen a link that does not open a new window when clicked.

Sure. Here a link to one of my fcc projects on codepen:

Does it open for you in a new tab? I even disabled the addblocker for this forum.

It opens in a new window/tab for me.

Not for me. I’m on chrome the latest or so

So I am assuming when you click the link, it just takes you directly to the page of the url?

Are you using Mac, PC, tablet, or phone?

Nope. When I click the link it opens on the same window tab replacing the forum page. I’m on a PC

Close your browser, reopen and try to click on a post link again. I was able to adjust your forum account settings.

Great Job. Now its working as expected. :+1:

You can actually adjust this setting and others if you click on your profile and go to Preferences --> Interface. Under Other, there is a checkbox for Open all external links in a new tab

Thank you for your help. I’m coming from the gitter fcc rooms and wasn’t quite updated with the way the forum works.

Thank again.