Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker Just Need One Test To Pass

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Hi, recently i fix my code and just need to pass the test. Its fail at exercises route last test with message The response returned from POST /api/users/:_id/exercises will be the user object with the exercise fields added.

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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker

Link to the challenge:"/api/users/:_id/exercises", (req, res, next) => {
  let userId = req.params._id
  let description = req.body.description
  let duration = parseInt(req.body.duration)
  let date =

  if (!date) {
    date = new Date().toDateString()
  } else {
    date = new Date(date).toDateString();

  const expObj = {

  const updateUser = User.findByIdAndUpdate(
    { $push: { log: expObj } },
    { new: true },
    (err, updatedUser) => {
      if (err) {
        return console.log('update error:', err);
      } else {
        return console.log('update successfull', updatedUser);

  let returnObj = {
    "username": updateUser.username,
    "description": expObj.description,
    "duration": expObj.duration,
    "_id": userId,

My code which i think its wrong. Please help me, i dont have any idea where its going wrong

The /api/users/:_id/exercises is returning:

{"description":"test","duration":60,"date":"Mon Jan 01 1990","_id":"63d571ac072ea1ade1086a55"}

This is the example return:

  username: "fcc_test",
  description: "test",
  duration: 60,
  date: "Mon Jan 01 1990",
  _id: "5fb5853f734231456ccb3b05"

Something is missing?

Seems the id conflicted? Username ?

Oh, thank you. Its completed now. I just need to delete else statement and put returnObj there. Thank you for help