Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker. Test 8 not passing

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Test 8 (“The response returned from POST /api/users/:_id/exercises will be the user object with the exercise fields added.”) is not passing even though my response object looks exactly how it should.

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solution: boilerplate-project-exercisetracker - Replit

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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker

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duration should be of type Number.

Ah thanks. Silly me, I hadn’t even noticed that. I was putting the input from the form directly in the response without parsing it, so it was a String. It seems Mongoose casts the String to a Number when saving the object, because that wasn’t erroring at all.

Have the same issue. Duration is number. Yet failing on test step #8

Solved! Turns out date format was different on “empty date field” vs “filed”.

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