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I am failing on this task which says The date property of any object in the log array that is returned from GET /api/users/:_id/logs should be a string. Use the dateString format of the Date API. Here is my solution
app.get(‘/api/users/:_id/logs’, (req, res) => {
const { from, to, limit } = req.query

UserInfo.findById(, (, user) => {

if (user) {
  if (from || to || limit) {
    let logs = user.log;
    let filteredLogs = logs
      .map(log => {
        const formattedLogDate = new Date(
        const date_string = formattedLogDate.toDateString();
      = date_string;
        return log;
    const slicedLogs = limit ? filteredLogs.slice(0, limit) : filteredLogs
    user.log = slicedLogs

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  • it seems wrong cause its missing an underscore, as it’s defined in “route”

see adjusting this solves it or not, happy learning :slight_smile:

the underscore is there

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