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Been trying with no success to pass the test N° 5, the one that says Your project can handle dates that can be successfully parsed by new Date(date_string). I’ve tried locally using Insomnia and using Replit and i think it works as it should, however this test always fails.

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solution: boilerplate-project-timestamp - Replit

githubLink: GitHub - EllyanF/boilerplate-project-timestamp: A boilerplate for a freeCodeCamp project.

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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - Timestamp Microservice

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I would expect a call to:

to return:

{"unix":818035200000,"utc":"Mon, 04 Dec 1995 00:00:00 GMT"}

or a call to:, 09 Aug 1995 00:00:00 GMT

to return:

{"unix":807926400000,"utc":"Wed, 09 Aug 1995 00:00:00 GMT"}

Take a look at this MDN page on Date.parse() and look at the kinds of date strings that your app should be able to handle.

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