Back-End Exercise API failing test

All of the tests pass for me except the below:

You can add from , to and limit parameters to a GET /api/users/:_id/logs request to retrieve part of the log of any user. from and to are dates in yyyy-mm-dd format. limit is an integer of how many logs to send back

Here is my code snippet on Replit:

Anyone able to spot something I’ve done wrong?

Log the inputs, your exercise log, and the output on the route in question and you’ll get this output on the last test:

eq.params: {"_id":"626b5ad52688e949bdea6834"}
req.query: {"from":"1989-12-31","to":"1990-01-04"}
[{"description":"test","duration":60,"date":"Mon Jan 01 1990","_id":"626b5ad52688e949bdea6837"},{"description":"test","duration":60,"date":"Wed Jan 03 1990","_id":"626b5ad52688e949bdea683a"}]
  id: '626b5ad52688e949bdea6834',
  user: 'fcc_test_16512027730',
  log: [
      description: 'test',
      duration: 60,
      date: 'Mon Jan 01 1990',
      _id: new ObjectId("626b5ad52688e949bdea6837")
  count: undefined

You’re count should be 2 since both records match the conditions, but it’s undefined. You’ll need to work through the conditionals in that route to find the problem.

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