Back end languages

Hello everyone, I hope you all good.
I have a question actually, about the back end languages.
I know that the most popular language used in the back end is PHP, but it is not available here.
And I have read before that PHP seems to be old and no one is gonna use it in the future.
So my question is that right? Have I just depend on the back end languages used in freecodecamp?

This is pretty contentious territory :wink:

The short answer is: if you learn PHP you can get a job and that won’t change any time soon. That is basically true for any language, so don’t worry too much about reading the future and learning the best one. Just get good at one and then picking up others will be easier. Btw, every language is the best at something. For example, PHP is the best language for stirring up rage on this forum…

Rather than rehash everything, here are some previous discussions about PHP on the forum:

PHP might have more usage currently and has sort of a legacy, however… it’s a pain in the ass. However, with the MEAN stack, JavaScript is gaining on the whole back end aspect due to Node and Express. There’s also Python and Ruby, both being sought for. My advice is, forget the different languages.

Learn with JavaScript for now. Learn best practices for back end. Learn the theory and get a feel for it. All in JavaScript since it’s quite easy to understand. There’s a thousand languages, but what matters is your thinking behind your code. Problem solving, algorithms, the right mindset, none of this is specific to one language. Once you’ll know how to program well, you’ll be able to pick up languages in a month. Or even faster.

IMO languages are irreleavant. Learn the basics of Back end and become a good programmer. After that, new languages will be a breeze.

If you want to branch out, Udacity has a full stack web development course that uses Python instead. I’m thinking of starting that next month if I’m still not employed by then.