Where's the Back End languages?

I’m new to FCC , I’m still in the Front End Challenges , but I Went to see the Back End Challenges , but I didn’t found PHP or Ruby ! with which language the back end in FCC ?

We use NodeJS :slight_smile:

It’s JavaScript all the way down :wink:

wow , i thought that JS is for animation and effects only , It’s the first time i know that I can use JS instead of the PHP or as a back end lang.
but is that JS easy to learn than the other BackEnd langs ?

Can’t get easier than javascript …

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thank you , you have motivated me right now :smiley:

Then this will blow your mind :wink:


lol , i can use JS to code a robot ? that is awesome

With the advent of AJAX and other things you can pretty much use JS to do anything (and if you want to learn a ‘back end’ language per se - i’d stay away from pHP)

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I Respect your Opinion , really i hate PHP , But you know that people have very different opinions so , who love PHP says that I can’t do anything without it , and this disappointing me very much.

My preference for Ruby and Rails is that it ws built from the ground up with a purpose where as PHP was sort of cobbled together over time on an as needed basis - I remember the earlly days of PHP

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I admit - i’m biased - anyone really bored can read about my attempts to learn to code over the past 15 years or so - and i’ve tried PHP in its infancy - i worked with ASPX 10 years ago - and honestly - until I found ruby and rails i found it all kind of unwieldy because of the reasons you stated above - the languages weren’t ‘built with intent’ - the way rails was PURPOSELY built does make it easier to take on legacy projects if people sstuck with the Rails set up and worked with TDD.

Plus - the few people I know who program primarily work in ruby and rails as well - and with my neuroatypical brain - when something works for me I’m going to take it - right now i’m working through the random quote generator project - i’ve been at this a little less than a week - i don’t know if i’ll ever complete the framework stuff as my motivation here was to push my brain to think about UI and UX which i suck at (I’m sitting here stuck on the quote generator because now that i wrote the ‘get new quote’ function the hardest part is making it look nice)

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Besides the legion of problems with PHP the language (and it has far more problems than most), the deployment model of PHP is hostile to modern development practice. It more or less requires a separate web server configured to use PHP, with any third party libraries you need installed globally. Compare this to most other backend technologies where dependencies are described and resolved local to the project (via npm, bundler, mvn, etc) and the app itself usually runs a standalone web server, making the whole project portable to anywhere that just the base language is installed. A well-known PHP app such as WordPress might be easy enough to deploy, but you never know what you might need in the global php.ini for another app. To say nothing of whether you’re even allowed to edit it in the first place.

PHP has solutions to some of this (current versions can start their own http server), but the community has never made a habit of adopting them. The irony is that PHP got so much traction in the first place because its deployment model was so simple and frictionless. In 1995 anyway.