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Hello everyone,
I’m working on application. In fact, I think before to code something and make some tests. I’m a front-end developer.

I’d like to make an app for my ceo where the collabs of my company can find their process.
I’d like to make some beautiful process, with SVG illustrations, but I would like to know how to manage SVG in my db. And I’d like to know which db is the best for this kind of project ? noSQL (mongoDb) or mySQL (mariadb) ?
I don’t know how to proceed too to generate the SVG files.
I’d like to generate illustrations from a free bank of illustrations, so I download the SVG file, but how can I do to integrate the file in my db ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can store images within the database “blob” column. And you can also store a link to a regular file on the file server. As svg normally have small footprint, I think storing images within the database is OK.

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When I download the SVG illustrations, I have a file. When I open this file, I have, indeed, a link, but the path is on my computer like : /home/oem/Downloads/… So I have to put i one a Sharepoint for instance ? How my server application can access to it ?

If you chose this option, you must upload the file to the server and store the path in the database (or /img/cloud.svg) like an ordinary jpg or png image.

The “img” folder can be on a separate server (full path) or at the same level inside your website other folders (relative path). I put all my website stuff in separate folders. Like img, js, css, html, download etc. I have seen other ways to organize the content.

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Sidetracking a bit, just to suggest that you can easily store assets in the cloud like an s3 bucket or cloudinary which I think offer a free tier.

Then in he DB you store the path for that image:

| ID  | name | ext | path                          |
| --- | ---- | --- | ----------------------------- |
| 1   | foo  | jpg | |

For example. But has the overhead of managing the cloud resource, as well as possible additional cost.

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thank you for your answser @Marmiz & @Sibert . I will try

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