Backend MongoDB Challenge Update

I recently doing some Backend exercises in Node, Express and MongoDB.
But MongoDB lesson is confusing because i think the Hints provided is obsolete and need update.

Therefore i made this github link for whoever is struggle to get the correct hints (not for all challenges, just for 3 of them).
Check for the update hints here
and for the solution.

And if you want to learn MongoDB straight from you computer, you could

  • install MongoDB on your computer
  • install leanyoumongo from NPM
  • create new directory to save your progress
  • run NPM init
  • install MongoDB as dependencies on your local directory
  • run mongoDB server as instructed on Connect challenge. For windows try .\mongod --port 27017 --dbpath=.\data
    and you are set…
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I will learn programming soon, here in nigeria they teach crap!