Backend web server

Hey guys.l’m trying to build my first server with Express & Node.js via tutorial.

First pic is my code on the left and instructor’s code on the right

Second pic on the left is my browser when i type " localhost:3000" in the search bar, it takes me to google page but on the right on my instructor’s browser it displays “Hello world” like it’s supposed to.

If you check on the last pic my Hyperterminal is on the left and on the right ismy instructor’s and i believe i put in same commands ad the tutorial but i don’t get "Hello world " on my browser.

What could i be doing wrong?

You should type it in the address bar.

If the addresd bar is the one on top which would show the path/link, i tried it.It still takes me straight to google

try http://localhost:3000, it may not be recognised as an address if you just write that

It worked.Thanks a lot buddy.