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ok I have tried multiple things. no matter what i type or try it is not working. I even looked at other peoples problem with it and even typed the right thing. it is not working at all.

Can you share your code (the different things that you have tried) and explain what problem you are having?

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i was told not to do that because it gives solutions to others

We don’t want people to give the code solutions as answers, but if your code isn’t working, the only way for us to help you is if you share your non-working code.

i had it right the whole time… it gets so frustrating when i get it right and it doesn’t take it. so i reloaded the site and retyped it the way it had it before and it worked.

when it is like that you probably made a typo you didn’t notice, but still, if you want help about something you need to post your code. The easiest way is to use the “Ask for help” button in the challenge you are doing, so you have the code and challenge link already included, and you just need to ask your question before creating the topic