Background image issue


Could i get some help please, when i copy a link from a webpage and paste it for background , it appears as double image .
I have tried many things but nothing worked.
What should i do?

Take a look at some of the options for background. By default they will tile and repeat

I want a full screen background , i have seen many video when others just copy and paste the url and they will have full screen background without any extra settings.
So i do the same way and i get this double background.

That would depend on the image size that you have and the users screen. You can try might look good on mobile but high resolution screens might be pixely.

Thank you
The exemple 2 was good
Have a good day !:slight_smile:

Just one more thing ,when i search images for background , based on what should i look for?
Sorry if i’am asking stupid question but now i’am not sure in nothing.