Background with multiple colours and the borders of different colours mixed

I am creating background with multiple colours here code editor - code editor

But I need the colours to be mixed

You mean you’d like to have a soft transition? The third number defines the blur radius, setting it to 0 will cause sharp edges between the colours.

     /* try setting this to 1rem instead of 0 */
box-shadow: inset 0 5em 0 #DBC8DA

Sorry it did nothing to it. It makes it bigger

Then I don’t understand what your goal is. I thought you were looking for something like this:


Wouldn’t a repeating linear gradient work?

I need the border of colours to be mixed. The colours to be like range colour

Hi @Abdulrahmanmann ,

I am a little confused about what exactly you want to achieve. As per my understanding, I am sending you a link that could be of any help.

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