Backslashes to assign wouldn't let through to next eventhough I answer the correct answer

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Hi There,
Please help with solution of the following problem.

Problem - Use backslashes to assign a string to the myStr variable so that if you were to print it to the console, you would see:

I am a "double quoted" string inside "double quotes".

My answer was - var myStr = “I am a “double quoted” string inside “double quotes”.”;
The out come - You should use two double quotes ( " ) and four escaped double quotes ( \" ).

Can you please help to locate my error?
Thank you

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var myStr = ""; // Change this line
var myStr = "I am a \"double quoted\" string inside \"double quotes\".";

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Challenge: Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings

Link to the challenge:

You have a small problem. You did not follow this instruction. When I only make a change to the line you were told to change, then your code passes for me.

Thank you Jeremy,but it wouldn’t let me through to the next step for unknown reason.Do you have any idea what to do? or how to contact the admin?

Did you fix what I told you to fix?

You have two lines of code. You must only have one line of code here.

Sorry I was away from my desk,

Excellent, I got it!

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