Basic Algorithm Scripting - Boo who

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Is it converting into boolean or checking boolean

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function booWho(bool) {
  return bool === !!bool ? true : false;


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Challenge: Basic Algorithm Scripting - Boo who

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The double negation will cast it to the boolean.

I would suggest adding a couple of console.logs so you can see what’s happening
Also, since this is a working solution, I am going to wrap it in spoiler tags

function booWho(bool) {
  console.log(!bool) // null value returns true
  console.log(!!bool) // null value returns false
  return bool === !!bool ? true : false;


Also, you technically don’t need the ternary here.

You could just return the strict equality expression

  return bool === !!bool;

thank you for your time

it return true but it test case it should written false how I got all test case passed

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