Basic Algorithm Scripting - Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

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I can’t get this challenge to pass. I’ve read several forums and the solution I wrote is what some others have passed it with. Am I missing something simple here?

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function convertToF(celsius) {
let fahrenheit = celsius * 9/5 + 32;
return fahrenheit;

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Challenge: Basic Algorithm Scripting - Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

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All of them. I wrote console.log(convertToF(); and passed every number through it. The correct Fahrenheit conversion is displayed in the console. Yet, this code is not passing.

instead of copying the solutions, look carefully at the tests. Are you using the correct function?

I didn’t copy a solution, I wrote the one in the problem. I discovered in the Forum that others had passed this challenge with the same code I had written.

I’m not understanding what you mean by the “Are you using the correct function?”'. Are you asking if I’m calling the correct function?

if you are writing the correct function, look carefully at the tests

Ah, I see what you mean now. Thank you.

What is the learning objecive of this challenge? Free Code Camp wrote in the the name of the function and called it.

if you reset the code of the challenge, the starting code is

function convertCtoF(celsius) {
  let fahrenheit;
  return fahrenheit;


It’s a small algorithm, every algorithm you solve means more practice with the language, they will get increasingly more comprex as you progress

I’m all for increasing the complexity, but that wasn’t the issue with this challenge. When you say “It’s a small algorithm”, do you mean the function name was deliberately made wrong for me to figure out?

No. The function was deliberately incomplete. You need to finish the convertCtoF() function.
convertToF() is an old name for the function in this challenge and it is only in old solutions posted on the forum - is not part of the starting code provided to users.

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