Basic Algorithms solutions gone

I accidentally noticed this. After entering the basic algorithms I completed around three weeks ago, the solutions were all gone. I had submitted all of them, so there are green ticks beside the title, but the solutions are gone and I would like to use some of them!

Please help :confused:

It sounds like you may have accidentally created a duplicated account.

From looking at your database records, it looks like everything’s fine.

First click here:

Then click here:

Then click “sign in with GitHub”, which will log you back into your original account. You should be able to just sign in with GitHub from now without any problem.

Please let me know if I can be of further help with this.

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@QuincyLarson I tried something out, and it seems I found what problem was. At the time of doing the first basic algorithms I didn’t use Chrome, but was trying out Microsoft Edge. I open FCC through it now and there are the solutions that are missing from Chrome. :slight_smile:

As for the duplicate account, it is true, a long time ago I started FCC with another email, but soon I opened a new email account and I am using this one now. I totally forgot it. I should try opening the old account and deactivating it, though I am not sure I remember the password :slight_smile:

BTW, it’s a pleasure to get an answer from you. Also an opportunity to say thank you for making FCC. Without it, it would be much more difficult to head down this path of self-study programmer. :slight_smile: