Basic CSS: Change the Color of Text broken

h2 style=“color: red;”>CatPhotoApp</h2

// running tests Your


element should be red. // tests completed
I removed the <> first and last to show the code

lesson is broken. I am scared to go on. What if I get a future error like this and I waste my time thinking it is my fault. I followed the lesson perfect. Tell me exactly what I did wrong or tell me it is your own broken lesson so I can go elsewhere to learn.

It looks to me like the problem is the style of the quotation marks, oddly. If I type what you have there myself, it works just fine, but if I copy/paste your code, it doesn’t work. The only difference between our code is the quotation marks.
My code:

<h2 style="color: red;">CatPhotoApp</h2>

How strange. So It is a font thing maybe. I still can’t get it to go.

Only lesson I have to do in HTML/CSS is Grid … everything else worked without a problem.
The Problem could be,

  • using browser addons
  • using a incompatible browser
  • doing something wrong in the exercise
  • having the wrong zoom level in the browser

By not styling your code correctly in this forum and not using the “Get Help” function in the exercise you delete a lot of information that can help us to help you.

But broken is in this modul nothing - for shure.

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ok sorry for the non standard way to start a post I guess, I’m not a forum pro. I should have started it from there I see.

I will try to use a different browser.

Worked in google chrome. Thanks for the tip. Next time I will use the in lesson way to ask. Sorry again. And I will just use chrome for the lessons from now on. I was using dissenter browser with a dark screen reader active, I don’t like the brightness. Maybe that is it

I hate the brightness too! Fortunately, freeCodeCamp has Night Mode available under “Update my account settings”. Good luck moving forward.

No problem. Glad i could help. In the profile settings on the learn site you can choose “Night Mode” - that sets the page in a dark theme. A dark screen reader is a problem in a lot of lessons, I read.

I use chrome, hasn’t had problems by now.

Again thanks for that tip as well both of you.

You can restart the lesson and refresh browser. There are times when I have it perfect and it won’t go to the You Passed this test screen. I always restart the lesson and refresh the browser and usually it will work again.

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It’s not a font thing, a font just styles characters in a given way. You are using are a different kind of quotation marks: you’re using different characters and those aren’t used by HTML, so they’re unreadable to the computer. If you are actually just typing ", then whatever software it is you are using is making the assumption that you are writing a quotation and replacing " " with “ ”. This could be a browser setting, an extension, etc. It’s normally called smart quotes (it’s a common thing, done automatically in word processer software for example).