Basic CSS changing image size

I’ve been unable to change my image size. I’ve been on it for four days now. I will be glad if some one comes to my aid. I was told to create a class in my img attribute; that is “smaller -image”.

Usually, <style> tags usually go at the top of your code. It’s a format thing.

Also, I’m pretty sure you’re not using a desktop or laptop. Would it be possible to use chrome on a desktop/laptop? Might be easier for you to pass the tests.

Yeah, it would be much easier to complete these tasks on a laptop or desktop.

You can create a class in your <style> tags. You create a class with a period and then the class name. You can then add styles to that class within the curly brackets

.big-text {
    font-size: 72px;
    font-weight: 700;

Then you can add the class="big-text" attribute to any element like an <img /> or <p> or <div> tag

Something like:
<p class="big-text">This text will be size 72 and bold</p>

So try create a class called smaller-image in your <style> tags and then add that class to your <img /> with the cat photo

Also, don’t forget to end your CSS statements with a “;”. I believe you are missing it in your current code.

Thanks. I’m just trying to use the device I can lay my hands on.

Thanks.I guess i have to work on this at a cyber cafe.

I admire your dedication but learning without a laptop or desktop will become very tedious and frustrating which might lead you to disliking programming when this could be something you really enjoy given the proper set-up.

I use this app on my phone and it is pretty good. You can learn lots and it has exercises suited much better for small devices. Once you grasp the basics of a language you can challenge other users in quiz style which helps a lot learning syntax, reading through code and calculating the output of functions.

Good luck friend


Ok. Also, instead of a screen shot, use the help button. It should auto populate your code and add a link. The only thing you need to do then is to add your question.

I just installed the app. Thanks once again.

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Thank you so much! Helped me tons!! Sometimes something simple can get you stuck and you feel so stupid in the end lol
But I guess searching for help always helps lol