Basic HTML and HTML5: Create a Set of Radio Buttons

Can anyone make me understand what’s this all about? I would be grateful if anyone could define the tags used here.
Thanks in advance:slightly_smiling_face:

Can you show the tags or at least the link?

This is

li …/li

?? if this is it, ol is Ordered List, the li nested inside it is List and the closing tag, /ol

ul means Unordered List, Ordered List is basically a numerical list (it has order) and this one is NOT numerical, thus, unordered. Use OL if you want a list with numbers and UL if you want a list without numbers.

Im stuck at creating radio buttons and i don’t even understand what the tags mean

input is for user to type in there. for input you need to set a type there a lot for example checkbox or radio the difference checkbox can select only one time and radio type can select more times. Still have a lot type for input like file for files upload etc…

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Sorry for my previous explanation, I just glanced at it, I was referring to list.

Your question is a bit too vague, I suggest searching google for “html input” or “html radio buttons” and you can read up on them. Regarding radio buttons, it is a type of INPUT. INPUTS are in a way, a way for users to interact with a website, so there are multiple types of input, in this case, the challenge wants you to make a RADIO button. A radio button is a kind of checkbox, BUT the difference is, a checkbox is a box you click and a check appears (or a circle is filled) but unlike with checkbox, you can only choose ONE.

I wrote an example code but the buttons aren’t showing up here, I’m still new to the forum.

You was longer my bro! :slight_smile: Congrats.

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What is the point of your comment?

What does the “label” tag do?

label can use for name the input. So above input you got a text Your name so you know what you need to write there. You can also use label hidden by default and set position: absolute; to it and combine with + selection that means first come input after that label this way you can combine with some :valid or :invalid html selectors for example be the text red or green. You can also use just placeholder for an input that way you dont need label the placeholder is the fatest way but you need specify the browser requires like -ms -webkit etc…


<label for="anameneeded">Your name</label>
<input type="text" id="anameneed" placeholder="Your name again with placeholder is inside in input but as write above you can set the label to be inside in it also with absolute positioning.">

I don’t have that much actual experience yet but I think one of the main reasons for label is for accessibility. People who can’t see will be able to identify whatever the label is attached to (which means the browser will tell them if the button is submit, is it an input, is it for an email) maybe something like that but I have never used it this way, though it is extremely advisable to use this.

Also, a cool feature of the label tag is that if a user clicks the label, the cursor will head to whatever the label is attached to. Meaning imagine if this o is a radio button and the label I have for it is radio:
radio o
If I click radio, the cursor will activate the radio button, filling the o. At this point, that’s not very useful, BUT when you learn more CSS, you can “hide” the o and replace it with an image that you want so that instead of a o, you can use whatever you want as a radio button. But of course the problem is that if you “hide” the o, then it won’t appear and people won’t be able to click it, but since the label is linked to the o, they don’t have to click the o, they just have to click the label.

You will have to read more since I’m still a newbie and I don’t know how accurate the things I said are.