Basic html and html5 form action help

Hello everyone, so im new (third day) and ive already hit a wall , can anyone steer me in the right direction?

    <input type="text" ><form action = "submit-cat-photos"/>

this is for the challenge to create a form element, however, im doing somthing wrong, ive spent over an hour trying to figure it out...

Can’t help much if you don’t post your code and a link to the challenge.

i did, I copied and pasted it

DId you put your code in backticks? Your code is clearly not showing up.

you do it like this:
Your code

Backticks is the key to the left of the 1 key.

    <input type="text" ><form action = "submit-cat-photos"/>

You only need one pair for form tags.

the opening and closing i need right?

Also, link the challenge in the original post too. Helps.

Instructions say to:

Nesting something means to put something inside. You know from the example in the instructions and from previous challenges of how to make an element.

whenever i run the test, it keep telling me to make sure the formhas an action attribute which
is set to “submit-cat-photo”

Before your worry about that, you should inspect your code carefully and ask yourself if you’ve made a form element correctly. Right now, you have an extra form tag lying around.

I have been looking at the form element over and ove,r whenever i have removed anything dealing with the word form it tells me its isnt nested properly or it doesnt have proper opening and closing tags

What do you have now?

the only issue that comes up when i run the test is the one i mentioned before

Let me point out that you have 2 tags that have <form> and only 1 closing </form>, based on the code snippet you gave me.

Figure out which form tag element pair you want.

    <input type="text"><form action ="submit-cat-photos"/>
there are three things  im being tested on two of them is nesting the input text and opening and closing a form tag , the challenge is telling me im good with those.. the thing im not passing is the form action attribute setting

i feel like im going in a circle , thanks for your help.

I might be contributing to that, but you need to make sure that your syntax is correct first.

The code snippet you gave me was not good. So I needed you to fix that first. Remember that most html elements have a start and an end. You showed me 2 starts and 1 end.

Figuring out which start and end you want, you need to make sure your input element is nested/inside of the element.