Basic JavaScript - Accessing Nested Objects

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Why does my code not accepted? Though I follow the requirements of test

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const myStorage = {
"car": {
  "inside": {
    "glove box": "maps",
    "passenger seat": "crumbs"
  "outside": {
    "trunk": "jack"

const gloveBoxContents =["inside"]["glove box"];
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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Accessing Nested Objects

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The task asks you to “Use dot notation for all properties where possible, otherwise use bracket notation.” hence why your code is not being accepted, since you can do the code below.

const gloveBoxContents =[“glove box”]

Ohh, that’s why it’s not accepted. “For all properties.” But the solution I came up with is accepted if there is no task. Is it right?

Yup, your way would work fine.

Okay, Thank you @Bobby98 !

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