Basic JavaScript - Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator

I’m not understanding what I am doing wrong. My console log is saying " ```

should have a single space character between the two strings.


should have a value of the string

This is the start. This is the end.

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const myStr = "This is the start" + "This is the end."; // Change this line

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator

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Not helpful I was putting the space in the wrong spot i had to watch the video again.

thank you for the encouragement. but I’ve got two types of learning disabilities, and what might be easy for some to understand is difficult for me but I’m trying my hardest to understand JavaScript but non of it makes any since to me. I understood Html and CSS better the 2nd time through don’t get me wrong I understood it the first time I just got a better understanding the 2nd time I did it. maybe I’ll have to do the same thing with JavaScript. Also, you might want to update the hints.

@mistybedell8490 How did you go with the challenge in the end?

I had to watch the video to understand what I was doing.

I would be careful about needing to copy the video too much. There aren’t videos to copy on every lesson, and there aren’t videos to copy for the projects.

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