Basic JavaScript - Decrement a Number with JavaScript

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The first code after the comment looks okay, it’s the second code that i’m not sure about…

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let myVar = 11;

// Only change code below this line
myVar = myVar --;
myVar = myVar;

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Decrement a Number with JavaScript

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You only need one line of code. Also, in that one line of code, you don’t need to reassign with an equals sign. That’s the whole point of the decrement

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It’s better to decrement it directly like

Let MyVar = 11;
MyVar--; // and to be useful, it should be in a function connected to an event 
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The codes after the comment are wrong. The operator in use here is the decrement operator --. Therefore, all you need is myVar --;. When expanded, the code looks like this;

myVar = myVar - 1;

The decrement operator handles both decreasing the value of the operand by one and reassigning that value to the operand

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