Basic JavaScript - Find the Length of a String

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// Setup
let lastNameLength = 0;
const lastName = "Lovelace";

// Only change code below this line
lastNameLength = lastName.lenght;

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Find the Length of a String

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Hi there and welcome to our community!

You have a typo:


what i didnt get…
its saying undefined , i even watched on internet
its a error in code ig

Did you fix the typo?

yess but its not its .lenght right???

No, that’s not how to spell ‘length’

then how to spell it in code

You spell it the way I just spelled it…

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plzz can u elaborate

I literally typed the correct spelling here. I’m honestly not sure how to be more clear on how to spell ‘length’? I’ve got it twice here now, lol

this is the error

Stop. Touch the letters on the screen. You are not using the spelling ‘length’

Every single letter has to match or JavaScript won’t understand you. This is a super common misspelling

ooohhhhhh!!! got it i copied ur spelling and it wirks man thanks aloooooooooot u r soooo goood sirrrr

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‘length’ is one of my least favorite coding words. So easy to typo

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