Basic JavaScript - Finding a Remainder in JavaScript

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Set remainder equal to the remainder of 11 divided by 3 using the remainder (% ) operator.
–I guess the biggest part I am struggling with is how to use the % effectively, I have tried many different layouts, different combinations. Any pointers would be appreciated.

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const remainder = 2;
11 % 3;

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Basic JavaScript - Finding a Remainder in JavaScript

Your const remainder should have the value of 11 modules 3 like you did here:

Why does it have the value of two?


  • Passed:The variable remainder should be initialized

  • Passed:The value of remainder should be 2

  • Failed:You should use the % operator

That test is saying that remainder should have 2 as its value after your use the % operator to set the value of remainder to what the remainder of 11 / 3 is.

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The equation 11/ 3 = 3 remainder of 2
so I guess there is something in there that I am not understanding.

You are setting the remainder = 2 instead of letting JavaScript compute what the remainder should be with the % operator.

Your code should be exactly 1 line. Combine your two lines.

thank you so much! now that makes sense! I really appreciate the help!

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