Basic JavaScript - Increment a Number with JavaScript

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let myVar ++ 87;

// Only change code below this line
myVar = myVar + 1;

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Basic JavaScript - Increment a Number with JavaScript

Hey @nhymfa31
When you declare a variable in JS you have to assign a value to it using the assignment operator otherwise it will be undefined so like what is happening here you are incrementing an undefined variable.

This will result to NaN
so just assign the variable to a value like so

var a=23;

Then you can increment the value,either by doing this

a = a + 1;

Happy coding


Welcome to the community @nhymfa31 !

I believe the lesson wishes us to use the increment operator

You can easily increment or add one to a variable with the ++ operator.

For example as taken from the lesson.
i = i + 1
would be equivalent to i++
using the increment operator.
This removes the need for the =

I hope this helps you.

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