Basic JavaScript: Iterate with JavaScript While Loops (General Question)

I passed it with the code below but there has to be a way to push numbers in a descending order without multiple .push() statements?

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// Setup
var myArray = [];

// Only change code below this line
var i = 5;
while (i < 6) {


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Challenge: Iterate with JavaScript While Loops

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You didn’t really use a loop, you set the loop bounds to only execute the loop body once.

In order to make a loop that pushes values in descending order, you should make your iteration variable i decrease.

Hi! @anonbubble,

If you want a descending order of i, you have to first print 5, then 4, then 3 …, that means each time it prints a number it will reduce the value of i, that is i-1
or i--

but how long? you have to stop at 0 as test expected, that means when it equals/reaches to 0, your code should stop, right?

How to make that? see this example:

var collectedArray=[];
var x = 10;
// x starts from 10

//now using while
while (x>=0){
// it means each time it will work until it meets the condition 
// x  greater than or equal to 0 (inclusive 0)
// so when it starts countdown from 10, once it will reach to 0,
// then it will stop counting as per condition
// our fist condition meets to 10 that is >=0
// so we'll push this value to our store, named collectedArray

// as we need to print then 9, we need to reduce the value of i
 // that 's all, it will stop when it will reach to 0
// everything between 10 and 0 will be collected

Hope, you will get a clear concept by this, and you can also apply this in the future where necessary.

Thank you,

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You didn’t have to type multiple push statements for your code to work.
The mistake you made was on this line
while (i < 6)
Your I value just increases once and the while loop stops running because it is now 6.
a better way would be to initialise I = 0, and then decrease I by one until it gets to 0. something like this .
while (0 > I)
Then you log in the values of the I (i.e you must have a i-- in your code) .

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Ahh, I was thinking that the while (x>=0) is how many times the loop will iterate. I was putting the same value in the array and the variable. I appreciate the detailed explanation!

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