Basic JavaScript - Logical Order in If Else Statements

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wont check should return the string less than 5 but the other two pass

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function orderMyLogic(val) {
if (val < 10) {
  return "Less than 10";
} else if (val < 5) {
  return "Less than 5";
} else {
  return "Greater than or equal to 10";

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Logical Order in If Else Statements

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When the number 3 or 8 is passed to the function as: orderMyLogic(3) it returns "Less than 10". That is because the if-else if-else statement evaluates from top to bottom, starting from the first if. If the condition doesn’t match, the next else-if, and so on, and finally the last else.

Since, the first if condition evaluates to true, the number 3 is "Less than 10". So, how to make this work correctly? Re-arrange the order in which the conditions are now, checking for the least values first (and see how it works; you can try various orders and understand the behaviuor of the code).

You will change your function to become like this


and run the test!

then you will change argument of your function to 6, and run it again, in the end you will change your argument to 11, and run it!
then you will done!

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