Basic JavaScript - Manipulate Arrays With shift()

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// Setup
const myArray = [["John", 23], ["dog", 3]];

// Only change code below this line

//This is my code:

const removedFromArray = myArray.shift();

//This is my output when I run the code:

// running tests
removedFromMyArray should contain ["John", 23].
// tests completed
// console output
[ 'John', 23 ]
[ [ 'dog', 3 ] ]
//what's wrong with this picture???

/* Challenge is indicating  (X)removedFromArray should contain ["John",  3] ,
does it have something to do with the double quotes? because I'm selecting dbl quotes but single ones keep coming out, don't know how to get the dbl quotes..
Help, anyone!!Thank you in advance. */

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**Challenge:**  Basic JavaScript - Manipulate Arrays With shift()

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Check again what the name of the variable should be.

Good Catch, thanks! corrected and it worked.

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