Basic JavaScript: Passing Values to Functions with Argument

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functionWithArgs(1,2) should output 3 .

functionWithArgs(7,9) should output 16 .

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function functionWithArgs(a, b) {
console.log(1, 2);
console.log(7, 9);

functionWithArgs(3, 16);

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Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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remember the goal for this challenge is to write a function that “accepts two arguments and outputs their sum.” So inside your function body you have to perform some addition. what are you adding? The two ‘arguments’ you provide when you call the function. When you’re declaring the function, however, you use variables (place holders for the arguments) to perform the addition. these variables are called parameters (‘a’ and ‘b’ in your code above)

Args are what you pass to your function., i.e a and b.

Then you are supposed to use those variables a and b in your function . That is where your problem lies.