Basic JavaScript - Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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Please can someone help me out, I’ve been at this for two days now, but it keeps saying functionWithArgs (1, 2) should output 3
I don’t understand where i’m getting it wrong

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function functionWithArgs(a, b){
console.log(1 + 2);
console.log(7 + 9);
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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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The issue is that you are supposed to use the parameters you passed in. You pass in two numbers:


And those get accepted into the function as a and b. But you don’t use them, you “hard code” 1 + 2 and 7 + 9. Don’t put numbers in there, use the parameters. That way it will use any numbers that are passed to it and not just what you’ve hard coded.

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Thanks so much, it worked!, I first had a hard time understanding what you meant by me “hard coding” it, it felt like a big term to my beginners ears lol, but I finally got what you meant, thaks a lot.

We all start with “beginners ears”. This is hard stuff, it takes work. Keep up the good work.

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