Basic JavaScript - Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

*I’m correct in the format as in (param1, param2) I think but when I input {console.log(1,2); {console.log(7,9);} either as (1,2) (7,9) or (1 + 2) (7 + 9) I get a reply of ‘SyntaxError: unknown: Unexpected token (3:22)’ even though the initial program of (param 1, param 2) {console.log(3);} submitted the call once inputed and replied with 3. Could be sat here all day and night working this challenge out! I’m not entirely sure where I’m making the mistake either and wouldn’t pass on a direction at this point :slightly_smiling_face:
My code so far

function functionWithArgs(param1, param2){console.log(1,2); {console.log(7,9);}

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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SyntaxError is caused by the second opening bracket { without the closing one.

Also tried that so moved on from that, its missing one argument which is currently:

function functionWithArgs(param1, param2) {console.log(1 + 2);} {console.log(7 + 9);}

functionWithArgs(3, 16);

with all correct apart from {console.log(7 + 9);}. the message reads “functionWithArgs(7,9) should output 16” (which visually it does but guess its not inputted correctly)?

There’s no need for the second set of brackets :slightly_smiling_face:. Function has one opening and one closing one. If you want to call them both from inside function:

function functionWithArgs(param1, param2) {
  console.log(1 + 2);
  console.log(7 + 9);

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