Basic JavaScript: Record Collection 'tracks'

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I don’t understand why is (prop == ‘tracks’)
if tracks is inside an id (example: 2548) and id is inside a collection. I think that first you have to access the collection, to 2548 (id) and just there we find tracks and the value. I think it should be: if (prop == collection.hasownproperty [id] .tracks)

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if(prop == “tracks”)

// Setup
var collection = {
2548: {
  album: "Slippery When Wet",
  artist: "Bon Jovi",
  tracks: [
    "Let It Rock",
    "You Give Love a Bad Name"
2468: {
  album: "1999",
  artist: "Prince",
  tracks: [
    "Little Red Corvette"
1245: {
  artist: "Robert Palmer",
  tracks: [ ]
5439: {
  album: "ABBA Gold"

// Only change code below this line
function updateRecords(id, prop, value) {

return collection;

updateRecords(5439, "artist", "ABBA");

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I’m not really sure I understand the question.

The second argument provided to the function (to the parameter prop) is just a string and you can check for its value in that way (someVariable == 'someString').

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