Basic JavaScript: Shopping ListPassed

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Can anyone tell what I’ve done wrong

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var myList = myList ["chocolate", 7];
["cookie", 4];
["t-shirt", 1];
["milk", 3];
["mobile", 1];

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Challenge: Shopping List

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The instructions say:

Create a shopping list in the variable myList . The list should be a multi-dimensional array containing several sub-arrays.

You have:
var myList = myList ["chocolate", 7];

The instructions also say:

There should be at least 5 sub-arrays in the list.

Your list is an array with two elements. It does not contain any sub-arrays.

Also, you are given the basic shape of the array assignment to a variable:

var myList = [];

But, you have:

var myList = myList [“chocolate”, 7];

Pay attention to what is outside of the brackets on the right-hand side of the statement.