Basic Javascript troubles

Hi everyone, I’m still very new to coding, and right now I’m having trouble with a certain Basic Javascript lesson called " Passing Values to Functions with Arguments" . I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’ve done things as the the instructions… instruct me to do, I’ve got no syntax errors, and I’ve tried Googling the problem but nothing actually deals with my problem. Can anybody help please?!

please post your code, not a screenshot, then I will help you

You only need one of those functions, so get rid of the second functionWithArgs.

To call the function you write the arguments like one, two just like you defined it. So instead of functionWithArgs(7 + 9) do functionWithArgs(7, 9).

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Thanks. I can’t believe I missed the difference of the plus vs. comma between the example code and mine. I’m legitimately blind I guess…